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You Cv Will Get Rejected! Here’S How To Stop That From Happen


This is a Full-time position in Kenya posted July 14, 2019.

# You CV Will Get Rejected! Here’s How To Stop That From Happening
13 Jul 2019
By Ruoro Kairu
10 Seconds! That’s how long an employer takes to look at your CV. After this,
the employer decides if they’ll toss it aside, or if they’ll look at it for a
minute or longer.
So, how do your CV pass this 10-second rule?
That’s what Dorothy wanted to find out. She has been applying for jobs for two
years. Rarely does she hear back from employers, and when she does, it’s a
regret message.
Dorothy wanted to know what she is doing wrong. She feels she has all the
qualifications needed to succeed in her career.
Why isn’t Dorothy successful in her job search and what can she do to change
I spoke to a professional CV writer, here is what they had to share.
“There are multiple reasons why a hiring manager would reject your CV. While
each CV has a few unique mistakes, there are some mistakes we’ve seen so many
times. If a professional can take care of these mistakes, they can
exponentially increase their chances of being called in for an interview.”
So what are these mistakes that could have your CV being rejected?
1\. Failing to highlight your achievements
Take a look through your CV. When you get to the ‘Working Experience,’ what
can you note? In most cases, professionals list their day to day duties at
their previous jobs.
Yes, an employer does want to know what you were doing previously. Beyond
that, however, they are looking to know what you achieved.
When writing your CV, list the most integral bits of your daily tasks. After
that, list the achievements you had while working there.
When you list your achievements, you show the employer what you have done
before, and the value you can add should they bring you on board.
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